• A Leader in Seafood

    Wild Caught Lobster from the Pristine North Atlantic

Over 40 years of Lobster Expertise

Truefoods is a world class premium protein provider with a specialty in seafood.

At Truefoods, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of operating with integrity. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver best in class products and services across our vertically integrated global distribution network.

We strive to supply consumers across the globe with the highest quality products consciously harvested with sustainability and social responsibly in mind.

As industry leaders, we believe it is critically important to always work towards elevating the community around us through local sourcing in support of generational fishing communities as well as providing employment opportunities. We work hard to empower and inspire greatness within all levels of the organization itself.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit more about us, we appreciate your interest in who we are and look forward to the opportunity to work together.

  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to be the best-in-class solution to our partners across the globe through consistent delivery of the highest quality products and exceptional service alongside our commitment’s to continuous improvement, sustainable practices and community development.

  • Our Vision

    Our vision is to become a force of positive change in our global community by promoting health, education and sustainable practices while providing a platform of opportunities and growth in individuals who share in out mission.

    Our Vision

  • Our Values

    Our values are simple, always work towards elevating the way in which we operate while treating people and our planet with the respect they deserve.

Why us?

Seafood Expertise

A trusted resource you can count on

Global Support

Our teams work in North America, Europe and Asia

Wild caught

Responsibly harvested by generations of fishermen

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Cold Chain Facilities

Maintaining the cold chain across the globe

40 Years Experience

Quality and superior service for over 40 years

Lobster Leaders

Our team are leaders in lobster